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A Single Drop of Blood

I know what blood looks like when it’s fresh, when it’s dry, and all states in between. I didn’t need a forensic team to tell me the brown-colored smudge on the light switch was blood. Superpowers, remember? And blood drops are like rats. Where there’s one, there’s always more hiding just out of plain sight.

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Blood Drops and Email Swaps

On June 4, 2010, early Friday evening, in a quaint town known for the Old Mission and horse trails, Christopher Ryan Smith was murdered. Surrounding business offices were empty as workers had already left for the weekend.

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Who Is Watching Who

Is Technology Simply a Grand Illusion? If you’re anything like me, I find my smartphone very convenient because I can find cell phone applications to

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Should I do a Background Check on Contracted Workers?

As we go through the process of hiring people to help us around the house or with our family duties, the question often arises of whether or not we should do a background check on the new nanny, housekeeper or general contractor. We’re trusting these people to come into our home, interact with our precious children, or perhaps do a remodel of the master bedroom suite.

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Alexa, Are You Listening?

Whatever the case, Alexa and her sisters are here to stay, and how you chose to interact with her is a personal choice. But please remember, what you say in Vegas may not stay in Vegas. In other words, the walls really do have ears.

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Prevent child abduction

How to Prevent Child Abduction

It’s been reported that on average, 90,000 people are missing in the United States at any given time. While many of them end up being found, alive or dead, many others remain missing to this day.

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Preparing for a wildfire

How To Prepare for a Wildfire

As native Californians, we’re as familiar with wildfires as we are with earthquakes. Fortunately, earthquakes happen infrequently and generally leave us unscathed. The “Big One”

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