With staff trained in a variety of specialized fields, Premier Group International offers a wide range of customized services including INVESTIGATIONS, THREAT ASSESSMENT & RISK MANAGEMENT, and TRAINING.



Investigations come in all sizes. PGI has the manpower and technology to handle all your investigative needs.

In criminal defense cases, law enforcement personnel gather evidence, whether properly or improperly or thoroughly or insufficiently, and subsequently present the case against you to the District Attorney. The DA may continue the momentum pressing your criminal case forward for and/or to a conviction.

PGI works closely with both client and attorney to properly and thoroughly investigate in order to present a strong defense in facts and truth. A private re-investigation of your case may mean a reduced sentence, an acquittal, or even having the case dismissed altogether. PGI has Spanish-speaking investigators who are willing and able to help.

Whether you have an identified problem or merely undefined suspicious circumstances, PGI investigators unravel the most complex problems, including: embezzlement or financial crimes, theft, industrial espionage, or gathering information or video evidence by surveillance. PGI can place undercover operatives within your organization or conduct a standard overt investigation. Leave it to PGI to function as the liaison to federal and local law enforcement agencies or general counsel.

Workers’ Compensation + Personal Injury Investigations
The most common types of Workers’ Compensation fraud are the false claims, working while collecting benefits, and the exaggerated claim (healed, but feigning injury to collect extra benefits). Personal injuries might take the form of slip-and-fall or minor traffic accidents. These types of fraudulent claims can cost your business thousands in lost revenue and/or man hours and may damage your reputation. Through surveillance and Internet/social media searches, injuries and degree of disability can be proved or disproved.

Family law or domestic matters can be costly and emotionally draining for all involved parties. Being a victim of betrayal by anyone can be one of the most disappointing and hurtful experiences. Being betrayed by a spouse or an employee, the ones we put our most faith and trust in, can have a detrimental impact on your life. Trust your gut and hire one of our investigators to surveil your significant other. Whether or not the results are what you expected, we’ll put your mind at ease by exposing the lie or sustaining the truth.

With advancements in technology the world is more connected than ever. PGI uses the latest technology to effectively obtain the information you need to make informed decisions that could potentially affect your world. We are diligent in performing thorough background checks for potential relationships, candidates for employment, and business partnerships or acquisitions. We’ll perform database searches to uncover micro details.

Social media provides a robust amount of information that could reveal a person’s true or perceived identity, financial stability and/or liabilities, so we’ll perform extensive reviews of profiles and provide a comprehensive report on the subject of the search.

Law enforcement has their hands full these days. When dealing with a missing person, barring extenuating circumstances such as obvious foul play, your case may not receive the attention you feel is warranted. Let PGI do the leg work. We promise to use all the expertise and computer technology at our disposal to get you the answers you desperately need.

Aside from the urgency, tracking down a lost heir is basically the same as searching for a missing person. We promise the same diligence no matter the circumstances.

Using registered process servers, PGI provides affordable and prompt subpoena services. We are known to diligently serve difficult processes and subpoena services where others have failed.

Threat Assessment & Management


In our ever-changing world, corporations, institutions and individuals can be the subject of threatening behavior – from stalking and harassment to unwanted communications and disruptions. PGI’s staff of former law enforcement, prosecutors, a board-certified forensic psychologist, and protection specialists can investigate the source of the threats and advise you on intervention strategies to mitigate the risk.

In our ever-changing world, corporations, institutions and individuals can be the subject of threatening behavior – from stalking and harassment to unwanted communications and disruptions. PGI’s staff of former law enforcement, prosecutors, a board-certified forensic psychologist, and protection specialists can investigate the source of the threats and advise you on intervention strategies to mitigate the risk.

Employers need to be prepared for a wide variety of potential employee reactions, including threats of hostility toward other employees and/or management. Terminating a troubled employee could lead to a volatile or deadly situation.

PGI will assist you in preparing contingency plans before any high-risk terminations take place. We can administer threat management procedures to help you mitigate workplace violence episodes, training all members of your company with the necessary tools to mitigate any risk.

Is someone watching you? Being one step ahead of the competition is key in running a successful business. Protecting your proprietary or intellectual property is extremely vital for your business and reputation. PGI offers a complete Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Survey. This is commonly referred to as a bug sweep. Our staff will inspect your business property in order to stop illegal eavesdropping by your competitors or check your personal premises for listening devices placed by a current or former spouse, roommate, or neighbor. The act of bugging is also common while going through civil litigation and could include someone placing a GPS device on your car or installed in your phone/computer. Let PGI clean house for you.

Using proven tactics developed by the Department of Justice and U.S. Secret Services, PGI’s protective personnel are able to provide short-term/special-event protection, as well as design and implement long-term residential or business protective programs. Our protective agents are active or former law enforcement personnel, and their training and experience in personal protection provides our clients the most professional and effective service possible, both in appearance and appropriately swift response times.

Our staff knows the importance of avoiding confrontation and maintaining a low profile. Ancillary to our protection services, we provide security for workplace violence and conduct threat assessment evaluations, followed by threat management of particular situations. We also provide event preparation and planning services to ensure the safest and most successful event or safe travel possible.

Corporations spend millions hiring the best and brightest executives to manage their businesses, making these highly sought-after talented individuals a valuable asset to the continued success of their team. Executives may fall victim to exposure to liability or injury from poor planning, crime of opportunity, including kidnap for ransom, or become victim to an unexpected or catastrophic event.

We identify the individuals who are critical to your organization, assess their exposure, and review the possible impact of liability or loss to the corporation or to their established reputation.

Our offer of protective services extends to family members. PGI provides a 360-security assessment of not just the organization, but to the corporate officers as well.

PGI executive threat assessment methodology is based on more than 20 years of providing executive protection in some of the most challenging localities in the world. This assessment considers the public exposure of the corporate executives and their families, examining any past security incidents, interviewing employees and others who interact with the executives’ daily lives. We also conduct on-site reviews of security measures, practices, policies, and risk of their residences, offices, and for travel.

PGI’s team of highly trained individuals work to ensure the safety of clients who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their celebrity status, wealth, religious, and/or political views.

Whether it’s around-the-clock security or a single event, we have expertise in providing armed or unarmed security to those in the media and entertainment industries. These services may include home-security systems as well as executive protection specialists for travel, home, business, or their families. We offer these services on national and international levels.

Providing safety and security for the elite, whether CEOs, celebrities or high-level politicians, PGI has the experience. Having coordinated security for some of Hollywood’s premier award ceremonies, stockholder meetings, political campaigns and publicized events, PGI has evolved into one of the most nationally and internationally recognized and requested security agencies.

Some of our most important proprietary and personal information sits in our computer, over networks or in the cloud. Keeping data safe in a world of cyberattacks or left vulnerable to hackers is an ever-changing and full-time commitment. PGI assists clients in helping reduce exposure to liabilities.

Emergency First Trainers/CPR


In a world where violence is entering every area of society, being prepared can sometimes mean the difference between life or death. From sexual harassment to an active shooter, PGI can provide the training for you and your staff to feel safe and secure.

PGI provides training programs for small businesses to large international corporations. Our staff facilitates proprietary training for employees, supervisors, and managers in workplace violence awareness and prevention, and can help establish and train multidisciplinary threat assessment teams. Additionally, PGI can proactively train your company personnel in active shooter scenarios or provide catastrophic event or disaster preparation and awareness. Don’t wait until you have a situation to act.

Most of us have routines when we travel. Routines are comforting and familiar. If you are in a high-profile profession, routines can be extremely dangerous. Business executives or entertainment personalities are especially at risk to being shadowed, not only by paparazzi, but also by someone with a history of criminal behavior or an Emotional Dangerous Person, otherwise known as (EDP). Executives and their families can fall victim to threats of kidnap and ransom (K&R) with unpredictable outcomes. By learning how to travel safely, you become less of a target.

The phrase “active shooter” has become common vernacular in America. On a school campus or in a public setting, knowing exactly what to do is key to surviving this type of situation. PGI offers the training that may increase your chance of survival. Don’t become a victim.

Trouble never gives an advanced warning. As certified instructors, we train personnel in Emergency First Response Primary Care and Emergency First Response courses. These classes encompass adult, child and infant CPR, and incorporate Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) training.

Our Emergency First Response Secondary Care (First Aid) course covers non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Participants focus on secondary assessment and first aid through knowledge and skill development and realistic scenario practice.

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